Penny Earrings

Penny Earrings

Copper Penny Earrings. These earrings were cast in Copper from a mold made of a pair of tiny pennies. Each penny is double sided with "heads" and "tails". The earrings are hung from Surgical Steel Shepherd hooks. The pennies are engraved 1964 which is the last year pennies were minted in Copper. Each penny is slightly different as they are all individually cast and hand polished.


I mix the metal for casting myself. My Sterling Silver is a mix of 92.5% Fine Silver with 7.5% Copper alloy to aid in the melting process. My Copper pieces are alloyed with Sterling Silver to make them a little more hypoallergenic. I never use Nickel in my castings. All of my metal is purchased from Rio Grande in New Mexico or from Stuller in Louisiana or upcycled from my stock.

Most of the gemstones that I use are upcycled, which means they may have small scratches or scuffs. Upcycling allows me to offer fantastic gemstones at prices that make them attainable for everyone. Many of my ring molds are of vintage/antique rings; this allows me to offer a modern ring with a distinct vintage look.

All purchases come in an anti-tarnish pouch to protect each piece from oxidation when not being worn. All handmade items are stamped with my custom makers mark.